Censorship is a subject that frequently rears its ugly head in school libraries. I take a firm anti-censorship stance and fortunately have the backing of my SLT; but often school librarians find themselves in the difficult position of having to justify stocking a book to outraged parents or teachers. And unfortunately, this leads to a tendency in some librarians to self-censor, in the hope of avoiding such situations. It is my personal view that the ethics of our profession clearly state our duties in this regard and that by deciding which books are "unsuitable" for our students we are doing them a disservice. I've put forward my arguments against censorship in school libraries on the "School Librarian Stuff" page on this website and welcome comments. It's a subject this blog will doubtless return to again as it seems hardly a week goes by without someone somewhere questioning the suitability of a book for young readers; I say let's celebrate FREADOM!